Découverte "sensationnelle"

An emotional scene full of new sensations is created by combining four creations with vibrant colors, textures and patterns, whose interpretation will remain intimate and singular.


Four sheets of bronze engraved and lacquered by hand.


reference : ta-02

Tableau 4 Saisons

Throughout a twirl, the material is introducing itself, transformed according to the seasons which upset it and make us perceive it differently.


Spring: The glow of green that represents the hope of a rebirth and life. A structure that buds, unfolds, emerges, and will build.


Summer: The full brightness of the sun that warms and gives life is reflected by its rays. He is the ultimate matter, the gold of life. It radiates light to offer itself to all the space that welcomes its maturity of growth.


Autumn: The rest of the material is coming while it’s still vibrating through a festival of shimmering colors. Its last impulses of energy are transported through aerial twirls.


Winter: Matter in its raw state, in its simplest form, frozen by the frosty blue of the cold which keeps it in hibernation. 


Bronze panels engraved and lacquered by hand.


Length : 1110 mm

Width : 1110 mm

Height : 30 mm

reference : ta-01

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