Meteorites Tables

This triplet of side tables, set-up in varius combinations, is able to play with the light. Gouged bronze trays are light sensors with irradiating power.

Pyrite culminates as projected in its center. The base is composed of three tapered iron sticks textured at the forge and assembled in cross, so as to catch the removable eccentric tray. Thus, the slender design of each table gives it a futuristic look. 


The biggest : Height  480 mm diameter 590 mm 

Top : Height 455 mm diameter 490 mm, section 10 mm  

23,5 Kg

The middle one : Height 450 mm diameter 500 mm

Top : Height 410 mm diameter 400 mm, section 10 mm

16,6 Kg

The smallest one : 390 mm diameter 360 mm 

Top : Height 370 mm diameter 300 mm, section 10 mm

10 Kg

reference : me-01

Meteorites Console

The angular and slender top made in polished bronze is gouged with bright edges. Its texture worked with a unique dark satin finish is playing with the light, irradiating from a green malachite stone. The base is composed of five tapered iron sticks textured at the forge that seem to be assembled randomly in cross, so as to sustain the exceptional jewel plate. An impression of pure elegance, modern and original design is raising from the structure and finish of the piece as it looks to be catched while moving, hanging un in space, surprisingly in balance.


N.B: This piece needs to be attached to the wall for safety purposes.


Total Height :   980 mm

Height :  900 mm

Width :  1590 mm

Depth :  410 mm 

47 Kg


reference : me-02

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