Flamme Console

Console in textured bronze, beautifully  enhanced by a touch of gold leaves 24 K, and contrasting with the deep satin dark patina colour. Bronze top finished with a smooth dark patina.


Height: 900 mm

Width:1600 mm

Depth: 405 mm

reference : fl-03

Flamme Wall Light

Wall light fixture made in textured bronze. The angular sunbeams are beautifully enhanced by a touch of gold 24 k leaves contrasting with the deep satin dark patina colour. 


Height: 310 mm

Width200 mm

Depth: 130 mm

reference : fl-01

Flamme Mirror

Bronze flames are spraying out from the precious gold leaf palladium Mirror. The angular sunbeams are beautifully enhanced by a touch of gold 24 k leaves contrasting with the deep satin dark patina colour. 


Diameter : 1100 mm

reference : fl-02

FRANCK CHARTRAIN COLLECTION - French creator in art furniture and artwork


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 Angélique Chartrain - Collection Director

Ph : +33 (0)2 41 64 66 45



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 APR Alexandra Public Relations

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